I’m Strongest When.

#ImStrongestWhen is trending today on Twitter. This is awesome.

Unfortunately, for a woman like me who all too often speaks more words per minute than an auctioneer… (sorry not sorry), 140 characters ain’t gonna cut it. So, here I go.

#ImStrongestWhen… I am at my weakest. Because then I am strong.

No one has the right to judge the amount of iron willpower it took another person to get out of bed today. Some of the strongest men and women among us are resting on couches, sitting in wheelchairs and still laying in their beds today– worn down from a round, or multiples, of chemotherapy. Or maybe radiation treatments kicked their butts last week, or another surgery, or biopsy, or a bad-news-bearing CT scan has got ’em knocked down again.

My mama fought for her life while stationed on our family room sofa. It crushed my family to watch our mom who was notorious for never sitting down grow confined by her illness. On her “good days” she would go to our local gym and walk a mile on the indoor track. Seeing her headscarf circling lap after lap often moved onlookers to stop my dad and I and gush in admiration of her strength. But despite how much I hated the site of her on the couch, with her body battling cancer as well as the side effects from her chemo; high-fevers, severe pain, cold sweats, warm sweats, exhaustion and depression… This incredible woman was just as strong to me on her “bad days” as she ever was on any of her best.

There are warriors who are at their strongest today while checking into rehab centers, waiting at hospitals, living in shelters, leaving abusive relationships and starting their lives over again, convincing themselves to get out of bed… Let’s not forget them? Strength is more than working up a sweat at the gym or eating a super healthy salad for lunch.

No matter your flaws or trials, I really hope you’re at your strongest today. Don’t give up.

P.S. Here’s some sexy-strong women who’ve shared their stories w/ the now-up-and-running-again, NY Magazine, and they deserve to be heard… damn it!

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Steph Doan


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