My new plan of attack to ward off park peeps from talking to me: My stellar reading material.

The C.S. Lewis book is from my amazing aunt, who was the definition of blood is thicker than water by the love and care she showered my mama with during the past year. C-Dawg wrote this after losing the love of his life, his wife. Writing honestly about how sucky life felt helped him get through his “mad midnight moments” of grief. So. It looks like a perfect read for a gal like me!

The other book, “Motherless Daughters” is super famous. It’s still studied and referenced on the reg since Hope Edelman wrote its first edition 20-years-ago. They hand it to you when your mom dies and then you get sworn into the club… That no one wants to be in.

Ain’t nobody got time for that baggage.

P.S. OMG, that coffee drink is like heaven isย my taste buds. We’re getting married. One look at that caramel syrup swirl, and I was drooling-over-the-drizzle in love w/ this sweet little guy! We’re thinking a winter wedding, bc as you’d guess, his blended family doesn’t do so well in the heat! Xoxoxo xoxoxo love love love love!

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