Why I Forgive My Self for Baking.

Why I bake: I started baking while my mama was battling stage-4 cancer. I’d moved home from the city to take care of her & was looking for some kind of distraction from our painful day-to-day. I’d never really set foot in the kitchen before this… I’d been working for big-name fashion magazines back in the city and had little (well. absolutely no) interest in cooking for myself. And so, I was more than surprised when I fell in love with baking. I soon became obsessed– I was baking every second when I wasn’t with my mama. I made huge messes, tried my hand at 3-tiered cakes for baby showers, brought pastries & sweets to every chemo session to handout to our favorite nurses & the other patients… Hell, I almost baked us out of house & home. Sometimes I regret not spending more of that time with my mama instead of fooling around in the kitchen. But to be honest, I forgive myself for it… because I think I needed to be lost in baking.

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Steph Doan


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